Believing that performance is the heart of the Arabian horse, Payback Ranch Arabians strives to produce athletic individuals that will excel in most disciplines including hunter pleasure, western pleasure, dressage, cutting, working western, reining, stock horse and endurance without a compromise in type---disciplines demanding strength, balance and soundness of mind. Sweet, honest dispositions are a must! We have moved our herd from the mountains of Idaho to the heart of Texas. Our mares and foals graze on some of the best grass land in the state. Foals are BREEDERS SWEEPSTAKES NOMINATED and raised the BEST to give you the BEST.

Bloodlines are comprised of heavy Crabbet influenced -- in fact are primarily "CMK" breeding programs. CMK stands for "Crabbet-Maynesboro-Kellogg" and recognizes three programs which transmitted much of the central stock of what became North America's historical Arab-breeding tradition. "CMK" is a registered US trademark." For more information on these bloodlines, please check out click here. Our foals are also inspected by Warmblood judges using a FORM to FUNCTION judging criteria. In the fall of 2002, nationally known judge, Victor Kerr gave our foals 8's and 9's in conformation, movement and Arabian type.

Our foals are also inspected by Warmblood judges using a FORM to FUNCTION judging criteria.


Payback Ranch Arabians focuses on the top performance bloodlines from Al-Marah Arabians in Arizona and Shalimar Ranch in Nebraska---each program is almost 60 years old, and consistently producing high quality performance animals with sound minds and bodies. Our bloodlines are predominantly CMK, Crabbet-Blunt breeding with a blending of high percentage Raffles / Skowronek stock from the Alice Payne breeding program and Dr. Bill Munson's Shalimar Ranch in Harrison, Nebraska. These same bloodlines produce horses with superior NATURAL movement for most disciplines. We are members of the American Warmblood Registry, AHRA, IAHA, Eastern Crabbet Arabian Horse Society, Crabbet Alliance of Texas and are also founders of the American Foundation Arabian Horse Association.

Melanie Johnson was named '2003 Horseman of the Year' and was inducted into the 'Eastern Idaho Horseman's Hall of Fame'. She is the youngest inductee to date and one of only 3 women out of 49 recipients. She received this honor for her continuous work in promoting / educating the public about the Arabian Horse and supporting the Idaho Horse Industry.

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Below is the type of Arabian we strive to produce.  KB Sancerre is the epitome of the VERSATILE Arabian horse.  At 19 years of age, this mare is shown with her NEW CAREER as a rodeo barrel and pole bending horse for her Junior rider, Marie Draggoo of Eternal Flame Arabians in Carmen, Idaho.  This wonderful mare has been shown and WON as a Hunter Pleasure Horse, Western Pleasure Horse, Class A Halter Horse, Sporthorse In Hand, Sporthorse Under used as a mountain trail horse for children, as a 'goat roping horse' for 4-H competition and in the fall.........packs elk and deer meat out of the mountains during hunting trips!!  She is owned and loved by Robin Capaul-Draggoo of Carmen, Idaho.

Melanie Kay Johnson
Payback Ranch Arabians

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